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Cookie Law notification in MotoCMS HTML

In order to add cookies law notification, you need to add a text widget with warning description on a separate page. Then make this page your homepage (please enter Preferences -> Website Preferences and set your new home page in the settings). When customer enters your site - first of all he will see this page with warning description and only then he will be able to enter other site's pages. Or you can create some custom plugin with warning, however in such case you need to use HTML widget. HTML widget allows you to launch any custom application, if you have embed html or javascript code. Please note, Moto CMS uses moto_cms cookies which is required to run Moto CMS control panel only (admin area, backend). We do not store any personal information (cookies) in our templates, unless client adds some scripts with cookies to the template by himself (as example, social media plugins - in such case information about cookies should be obtained from developer of the script).

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