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How to add Custom Search

Please note! You can use this Custom Search solution only for life website. This feature will not work if you are using demo template, temporary domain name or Under Construction page.

Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website. With Google Custom Search, you can create custom search engines that search across a specified collection of sites or pages. In order to add custom search you will need to follow these steps.

1. Sign into Control Panel using your Google Account (get an account if you don't have one).

2. In the Sites to search section, add the pages you want to include in your search engine. You can include any sites you want, not just the sites you own. You can include whole site URLs or individual pages URLs.

3. The name of your search engine will be automatically generated based on the URLs you select. You can change this name at any time.

5. Select the language of your search engine. This defines the language of the buttons and other design elements of your search engine, but doesn't affect the actual search results.

6. Click Create and your basic search engine is ready to use.

7. Click Look and feel in the sidebar, and then select the Compact layout.

8. In this section, click Save & Get code. In the box that appears copy the code.

9. Next you will need to add "HTML widget" to your page, set the placement "Website Content" and double click on it to start customizing it.

10. Select "Blank HTML" preset. Next you will need to paste the code you have copied before. Once this is done you will also need to add code:

<gcse:searchbox-only resultsUrl=""></gcse:searchbox-only>

and change the attribute to point to the url where you want to display the results.

11. To implement a stand-alone search results page, paste the results code snippet into your results page (for example pop-up).

12. You will also need to add code:


13. Now you have Google search box on your page, and search result on different page or popup.

Note! We can not guarantee the proper work of Custom Search if you are using other source code or settings. 

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