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How to advertise your Demo account to your client

A lot of requests from our clients leaded us to create this article that will help our users/resellers/clients/developers to show their 14 Day Demo account to their clients without being afraid they can spot some information about MotoCMS.
As you all know, we will not remove notification banner from our Demo templates because we want our clients to know how many days left on that Demo. Also we want you to be able to get needed assistance right away, so Phone Number and Chat Button are not less important.

For those, who want to show the same Admin Panel to your clients without the banner, we offer the following solution:

1. Create index.html file using NotePad++ or any other text editor.

2. Add the following code into that file:
<iframe width="100%" height="102%" src="" frameborder="-1" style="position:absolute; top:-40px; left:-4px;" allowfullscreen></iframe>

3. Change the URL in src="*085*3d9*2c/admin/" with the link to your Control Panel. 

Now that index.html file will show the Admin Panel without the banner. You can upload that file to your server and share the link with your clients, for example or you can simply share the file with your client.
Keep in mind, the real URL can be still found by your client. Having it on your server will decrease the chance to be spotted.

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