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Moto CMS Flash Backup and Update Guidelines

Moto CMS Backup Tool is a truly indispensable and easy-to-use data backup utility developed for Moto CMS based websites to prevent your website from a devastating loss of data and help you easily recover your data in case of need. Simply follow these instructions to create the backup copies of your files.

Creating a website backup

1. Set the permissions for the folder "admin/actions/backup/_backups" to 775. This folder will store your backup files.
2. Log in to your Control Panel.
3. Go to page

4. Press the "Start Backup" button to run the backup process.

5. During this process the Moto CMS Backup Tool will be informing you about its status.
6. Once the backup process is complete, you will be given a link to download backup archive. Backup files also will be stored on the server in the "admin/actions/backup/_backups" folder. 

Restoring a website from a backup

It won’t make any difficulty for you to restore your files from backup . Extract files from your backup archive and upload them into your Moto CMS website folder on the server via FTP. Please, don't forget to use binary mode when uploading files. If you are unsure about how to enable binary mode, please take a look at this article. Also see our Video Tutorial about Backup and Restore process here.

Updating a Flash Moto CMS based website

Note please: before updating your Flash Moto CMS website make sure to backup your data.
WARNING: You can update your Flash Moto CMS website this way only if your source files were not modified! If you have modified any of your flash source files (*.xfl, *.fla, *.as), or somebody else did this on your behalf, you'll need to update these files manually. You can either update your existing source files or add your modifications to new ones.

1. Go to and log into your Moto CMS account.
2. Under the My Purchased tab you can see the available updates, either major updates or patches.

3. After pressing the Update button an e-mail with the download link will be delivered to you. Download the archive. (In case you want to download a patch, the link will be generated at once.)
4. Extract files from the archive and upload them into your Flash Moto CMS website folder on the server using FTP.
5. Set permissions for the admin/xml/system.xml file to 664.
6. Once you log into your control panel, the CMS system updater will start the check up on your website. Once it is successfully completed, you will be prompted to update your files.
If there are any errors detected during the checkup, please fix them or contact our Support Team.
7. Once the update process is successfully completed, you may launch your control panel.

Also see our Video Tutorial about Update process here.

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