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How to change our logos (rebranding HTML template)

Here are steps that you should perform to replace all our logos and information with yours:

1. Please edit admin/config.xml file by adding the following information

  • <item name="REBRANDING_ENABLED">true</item> (if this line exists simply change true instead of false)
  • <item name="CONTROL_PANEL_COMPANY_NAME">Company Name</item>
  • <item name="CONTROL_PANEL_COMPANY_URL"></item>
  • <item name="CONTROL_PANEL_COMPANY_EMAIL_NOREPLY">Company email</item>
  • <item name="CONTROL_PANEL_COMPANY_EMAIL">Company email</item>

If you want to edit links to personal account and support you should edit following lines:

  • <item name="CMS_HELP_URI"><![CDATA[]]></item>
  • <item name="CMS_ACCOUNTS_URI"><![CDATA[]]></item>
2. If you want to change text from messages that Control Panel sends you need to edit files of this directory admin/language/eng/templates (languauge directory depends on language that is set in preferences for Control Panel)
There are following files:
  • user_change_password.tpl - notification about password change
  • user_forgot_password.tpl - notification about password reset
  • user_register.tpl - notification about new user registration
There is simple HTML markup in that files.
3. Now you can change Moto CMS logos
For this you should download attached archive and extract its files. Then edit those samples and upload your company logo images to /admin/images folder on your server.
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