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Why I need to use "binary mode" and "active mode" with MotoCMS HTML?

1. Binary Mode
2. Active mode

1. Binary Mode

When you transfer files to the server using FTP, these files can be uploaded in two distinct modes: text and binary. As CMS libraries are encoded, they should be transferred in binary mode.

You can tell that you've encountered this issue if you see any of the following:

  • Files were corrupted. Please upload files again in binary mode
  • There is an error while checking admin/gateway.php
  • Fatal error: Unable to read 2680 bytes
  • Fatal error: file is corrupted...
  • Empty page or "ERROR 500"
  • "Error while saving..." message displayed after control panel setup

To fix this error, set your FTP software to binary transfer mode and upload files again. It is necessary to re-upload your template in binary mode.

Here's how to switch to binary mode in common FTP transfer programs:

  • FileZilla:

  • WinSCP:
  • FTP Commander:

Following this link you can watch video tutorial about binary mode.

2. Active mode

We recommend upload Moto CMS template files on your server in active mode. In FileZilla you should check "edit" and choose "active mode", please check screenshot below:

Please note that some servers allow connection only in passive mode.

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