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How to add animated .GIF file to a page?

MotoCMS Flash templates do not support animated .gif files. But if you want to show animated file on your website built using MotoCMS, you can do this using HTML widget. In order to do this, please follow this step-by-step instruction:
1. Open you MotoCMS Control Panel, go to Preferences - Media Library.
2. Add the needed file to your Media Library (for example, test.gif).

If this file is not shown in Windows Explorer, please select File Type - All files, see below. Then select the file and click Open button.

3. Close Media Library window.
4. Go to the page where you want to add .GIF file.
5. Add HTML widget (Widget - General - HTML Widget).

6. Place HTML widget on your page.
7. Click Edit widget button.
8. Erase all preloaded code.
9. Insert such code:
<img width="XXX" height="YYY" border="0" alt="test" src=""></img>; where XXX - animation width, YYY - animation height. alt - tag for SEO.
Then click OK.

See example below:

10. Re-size HTML widget due to your animation size:

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