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MotoCMS 3 Media Library

This section allows you to store and use various media content on your site’s pages. 
MotoCMS 3 Media Library

In order to upload new content please click "Upload" button. The maximum upload size is set to 2M by default.

In case you are not sure you have enough high-quality images and photos for your website to be visually rich, you can either download images from Unsplash (free photostock) as explained in this guide below or purchase any 15 images you can choose with our partner, the largest photostock DepositPhotos by following this link.

Please note: If you wish to increase this limit- please contact your hosting provider and kindly ask them to increase the value of the following server extensions: upload_max_filesize; post_max_size; memory_limit.

You will see a notification screen, which allows you to drag files into the area or use two different options: 1) "Choose Files" button to upload files from your hard drive into the Media Library; 2) "Photos by Unsplash" feature to upload free photos from Unsplash site.

If you use "Select files" button, you’ll need to find necessary file on your computer and confirm the process. You will see a progress bar during the uploading process.
If you use "Photos by Unsplash" feature, you can type required theme in the "Search" field, select photos and press "Download" button or search for more images via "Load More" button.

Your files must have a correct format and do not exceed maximum upload size, otherwise you may see this error report.MotoCMS 3 Media Library maximum upload size warning

MotoCMS 3 Media Library - File Extensions 

Media Library supports the following file extensions:

images - jpeg., .jpg, .png, .gif, .ico.
audio - .mp3, .mp4.
video - .swf, .avi, .mp4.
documents - .pdf, .djv, .djvu, .doc, .docx, .gdoc, .rtf, .rtx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .ots, .odt, .xml, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .log
archives - .zip, .rar, .7z, .tar, .tgz, .gz, .gzip, .bz2MotoCMS 3 Media Library file extensions

"Filter" feature allows you to sort and display certain type of files within the Media Library.

Available filter types affect: images, video and music items, documents and archives or other files. 

MotoCMS 3 Media Library - File Properties 

Each file extension has it’s own file properties. File properties provide detailed information about the file (type, size, author, date, dimensions etc.).

"File URL" reflects the object’s location on the server.

"Filename" reflects object’s title, which is located on the server. It’s not possible to edit this fields within the Control Panel.

"Image Thumbnails" show you the thumbnails of the selected image in the Media Library.

"Default Title" - your image’s title (can be changed within the same field for mentioned image within Media Library). Also it improves SEO (when you overlay image with cursor - you will see image’s title). Search engines can also index such title.

"Default Alt" - this text will appear instead of your image if your browser’s settings block the possibility to preview images.

If you need to update Default Title or Default Alt - please type necessary details within the mentioned fields and click "Save" button.

There are several filters presented in Media Library, which provide possibility to sort content elements within the Media Library:

 "Root Folder" - this folder allows you to preview all folders and subfolders. It’s open by default.There are presented two types of folders: empty folder and full folder.

Please note: number of folders is unlimited, while number of subfolders is limited to 5.
MotoCMS 3 Media Library -  Root Folder

You can input up to 5 subfolders to the empty main folder. In such case you can simply drag them into the necessary folder using your mouse cursor.
MotoCMS 3 Media Library - subfolders

If you wish to add new folder - please click on the "Add" button. You need to specify folder’s name within the "New Folder Name" section and click "Add" button.
MotoCMS 3 Media Library - New Folder

If you wish to edit folder’s name - please click "Edit" button. If you wish to remove folder - please click "Remove" button.

You can choose different image size when you wish to add image on the site's page from the Media Library (for this please put "Image" widget on the page and it will automatically open necessary section). Image size is separated into 5 different sizes: Original (Default), Small, Medium, Large, HD (depending on the size of each image). You can choose any size from the "Image Size" drop-down list, if an image meets required size.

Small - 125*125рх
Medium - 300*300px
Large - 1200*1200рх
Extra Large (HD) - 1980*1980px

You can preview image using "eye" icon over it or preview its thumbnails by clicking on its sizes on the right side.

Photo Editor

Update 3.3.4. introduced a TOAST UI Photo Editor image editor tool within the Media Library. You can access it by clicking the "Edit" button over the image. You can also click on the "Eye" icon to preview the full-sized image in a pop-up or click on the "Trash" icon to remove the image.

Photo Editor provides the following features: 1) Undo/Redo/Reset buttons to revert the changes you apply to the image; 2) Crop/Flip/Rotate buttons to change image's position or remove some of its parts; 3) Draw/Shape/Icon/Text/Mask/Filter to change the image visually.

There is no possibility to resize images within the Media Library. For this purpose, you need to use a 3rd party offline image editors like Photoshop or it's online alternatives.

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