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Widgets - General category

Background widget

Background Widget can be used as custom background of any page(s) of your MotoCMS website. 

You can insert image to it or just colorize the Background  widget, and it will appear on the website's background.

Please, also see our Video Tutorial about the Background Widget here.

HTML Widget

Users can add any HTML and javascript code to the website.

As you can see on the screenshot above, user can choose code template for the feature he wants to add in HTML widget. The code can't be executed (the widget can not be previewed) in Control Panel, it can be only seen on the website. Also it can not be displayed in full screen mode.

Please, also see our Video Tutorial about the HTML Widget here.

Rich Content Widget

Rich Content Widget is one of the essential widgets for Flash websites. This widget allows you to place a lot more information on your website by

automatically adding the scroll bars to the widget's area and allowing to combine different objects (for example: texts and images) within one widget.

1. Like any other widget, the Rich Content Widget has got its custom properties displayed on the right panel, when the widget is selected. For example, such

properties as the scroll bar tracks or thumb color, scrolling speed, etc.

2. Rich Content Widget opens as a new page in your Edit Widget. In this mode the widget may be stretched depending on the content added. Rich Content

Block may be horizontal, vertical or both depending on the design. It allows you to add a lot of content, as it automatically resizes in both directions

(horizontally and vertically). If the size of the content exceeds the widget size, the scrolling appears. You may add any objects, slots and even other widgets

except the Rich Content widget. You may select the background color for each of the widgets and adjust content position.

The «Rich Content Widget» allows the Flash website owner to place the gallery with a vertical scrolling bar to any part of the CMS based website. It is possible to set the size parameters of the thumbnails and the gallery itself, select the rotation angle, alpha and blend the mode.

Please, also see our Video Tutorial about Rich Content Widget here.

Search widgets

Search field

This widget have to be placed to the entire website. User will be able to enter the "key words" for the search.

You can create new page or pop up for the search results.

And set it as a "search result location" in Search Field widget settings.

Search Result list have to be placed on the page, you've linked to in Search Field widget settings:

Please, also see our Video Tutorial about Search Widget here.

Share Button Widget

Using this widget user can easily share your website with friends on the social networks such as facebook, twitter, linkdeln, myspace and so on.

The following custom settings are available within the Widget:

- image (you can select logo image of social network from Media Library);
- social network (here you can choose the social network where the user can share your website).

Please, also see our Video Tutorial about Share Button Widget here.

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