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Widgets - News, RSS Reader

News Widget

This innovative widget which makes the process of publishing news much easier.

Within the widget, you can manage the following settings:

  • Basic Settings (orientation — vertical or horizontal, number of visible blocks, choose content to be shown and clickable area, slideshow interval, animation settings, etc.);

  • Style Settings (choose the title format, text format, date format and image height, width, etc,);

  • Arrows Settings (arrows width, height, background, alpha, color, corner radius, and arrows icon size);

  • Activate the “Preload Widget” function, choose the block’s size parameters, rotation angle and blend mode.


Switching to the Edit Widget, the News Block opens the control panel that displays all of the elements included. The order of the elements may be changed manually
by drag’n’drop. You can open and edit the properties of an element by clicking on it. The number and types of the properties depend on the widget and may vary. Their number is unlimited.

 Please, also see our Video Tutorial about News Widget here.

RSS Reader Widget

Now it’s become possible for Moto CMS website owners to set the RSS Feed within their Flash websites and provide their clients with the fresh news related to their projects.The RSS Reader collects the news of the project and informs the RSS Feed subscribers about all of the updates that take place in the project’s life. The principle of the RSS Feed work is simple: the subscribers can click, for example, on the news headline in order to see a short description of the news, open the original news in a new window or even see the news block with headings, dates and images, right within the RSS Feed window. Due to the built-in RSS Reader Widget, Moto CMS website owners can easily set the parameters of their RSS Feeds. This advanced built-in widget opens the widest opportunities for managing and editing the RSS News Feed within Moto CMS Flash website.

Let’s look inside the control panel and try all RSS Reader Widget functions one by one:

1. RSS Feed URL

Enter the RSS Feed URL here.

2. Orientation

You can place the news horizontally or vertically:

Horizontal Orientation:

Vertical Orientation:

3. Number of Visible Blocks

Here you can set the number of visible news blocks:

4. Animation

You can add the animation effects to the news columns, and change the effects as often as you wish. You can make it Fade, Add Brightness, Blur as well as set the parameters: Horizontal Mask, Vertical Mask, Circle Mask, Horizontal Lines Mask, Vertical Lines Mask, Animation.

5.  Cache Control

Caching avoids a round trip to the origin web server each time a resource is requested and instead retrieves the file from a cache.

6. Channel Settings

Show Channel Title – enable this function if you wish for the Channel title to be displayed while the readers are browsing the news feed.

Channel Title Format – you can change the Channel title, format, select the font’s size, its color, make it bold or italic and etc.

Show Content – you can select the way of displaying your RSS Feed content: you can make it display Titles only, Descriptions Only or All. Also, you can set the News title and text format, make the news date visible or hide it as well as format the date.

Clickable Area — you can make the whole text of the RSS news clickable or make only the news titles clickable.

Crop Image Tag — if this function is enabled, the news images will not be displayed. If you wish for the news columns to be presented with images, just

disable the function.

Horizontal News Gap, News Element Gap — you can set the horizontal gap between news elements as well as set the line interval.

7. Slideshow Settings

It is possible to enable the slideshow mode for your news feed, and also set the slideshow interval.

8. Arrows Settings

You can easily modify the navigation arrows of your news feed: set arrows width and height, select a background for the arrows, specify arrows background alpha, select color for the arrows and set arrows alpha. It's possible to set the corner radius for the arrows as well as specify its icon size.

9. Slot Settings

You can enable the «Preload widget» function, set the size parameters of the widget, select its rotation angle and alpha, as well as blend the mode (normal, darken, multiply, lighten, screen, overlay, etc.)

Please, also see our Video Tutorial about RSS Widget here.


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