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Widgets - Simple Elements

Simple Elements

Simple elements are more complex elements of the Flash website. They differ from simple objects by animation effects (buttons, bullets, animated images and etc...) and custom properties (highlighting color of a button). These objects may have their own logic: for example, simple element may be used for the Date and Time; widget with the “Format text” and “Format date” properties. Simple Elements are often animated  – various buttons, animated images and bullets that are re-sizable. Some of the slots may be non-resizable and have fixed sizes or automatically adjusted sizes depending on the parameters, and e.g. depending on the width of the text – button label.

1. In order to insert a simple element into the stage, please click the “Widget” button on the left panel then go to the 'Simple Elements' category and choose theelement you would like to add from the list.


2. Once you place the element on the stage or highlight any of them on the stage, the right panel of the properties is activated. It allows you to change the properties and add effects or actions to the object.

Company Name Widget

Using this element user can easily add or change a company name/logo/slogan.

The following custom settings are available within this element:

  • Image (you can select your logo image from the Media Library);

  • Label 2 (you can add your company name here);

  • Label 3 (here you can put your slogan);

Menu Button Widget

Menu Button allows user add a menu button on the website.

The following custom settings are available within this slot:

  • Label (name of the menu button);

  • Effect Visible (animation effect becomes visible if selected);

  • Effect Color;

  • Text Over Color;

  • Delay in seconds;

Image Object Widget

Image Object  is used to add images with mouse-over flash effect to your site's pages.

Close Button

Close button is used to close popups or galleries on your website.

Background Image

Background Image can be used to change the background of your site to a custom image.


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