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How to redirect a user with no Flash installed

You can redirect users without Flash Player or with old version of player to other simple version of the website:
Add following lines right after <script type="text/javascript"> in /admin/templates/website/layout.tpl.php:

if (swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion().major < 9) {
 window.location = "";;

Where you should change with the address of your site's mobile version.
Also in order to enable an option for user to choose between being redirected to html version of website or to follow link to install flash (delay page for few seconds and redirect automatically to html version if no action taken by user), you should add some code similar after line:  <script type="text/javascript">. Something like this:

if (swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion().major < 9) {
// This will redirect user in 45 seconds
setTimeout("window.location = ''", 45000);;

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