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"I'm afraid to provide my FTP details to you..."

Sorry, but Moto CMS - is a really complicated software. For example, our standard template consists of more than 1500 files - and each one of them may cause problem if something is broken or not fitted well. Plus, many things can depend on server's "personality" or customer's unpredictable mistakes. We are tech support - technicians, who can repair a complicated thing which is broken. But how can you expect us to solve the problem without seeing it and touching it?

Do you allow technicians to see and touch your car's engine when it is broken? Or do you expect them to be magicians and repair everything without even looking? Sorry, but we are not magicians. We are tech supporters who are willing to help you.

Also, what exactly are you afraid of? Do you really think we are going to hack your website? Please, try to imagine, what kind of comments would be everywhere on our forum if we would be hackers! Please try to imagine, what customer satisfaction rating our support would have then!

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