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    Great support, like ever. Also on the weekend! This goes form simply issues to more server based help.

    Support is simply given at all directions, if it's server-based, code-like issues or media files (streaming).

    I personally had several persons providing always an usable and working answer, but it seemed mostly

    Mr. McMurphy was on the other end of the line.


    Regards, CBoerner


    ps: find a recent client project (theater/acting) at

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    Siria B

    They provide good support and always helped me with any problem I had. Thank you guys, great job!

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    this is the first time I am using a template. I am very happy about my website------beautiful!! and I saved a lot of money. I used to have on of my websites done at the price of 6,000$, but it is not as beautiful as the template I am using now. for the tech support, all my questions are answers quickly and precisely! Great support! 

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    Luis Ochoa

    Excellent Support !!! We are very happy with CMS products and Service !!

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    Jason L. Kyles

    Clear and timely support. Thanks!

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    Sandra E Leon

    They are very quick to answer and resolved all of my issues. They are pretty awesome.

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    Great templates, and even better customer support.

    I feel very 'safe' when building sites using these templates, because any glitch, or anything I dont understand is  immediately resolved by the friendly support crew.

    I will certainly be recommending the company to all my photographer/design partners for a hassle-free solution to all your website needs.


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    Mustafa Karadeniz

    Thanks for your support ZOE... Thaks to CMS SUPPORT TEAM... 

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    Hi Dennis and Team

    'I am a film director and I endorse this message'

    MotoCMS quite simply are the best at what you do. This is my second website built with your tools and as with my first experience simply awesome.

    For quite a while I had been paying way over the odds for website developers who never did half as a good a job as you guys.

    I say well worth the entrance fee.


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    Superior customer support! Extremely prompt response to my inquiry with immediate resolution to my problem. Couldn't be more pleased! Thank you!!

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    good customer support

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    Jürgen Cujé

    I have now two of your templates in use, have recommended one to a client and we are all completely satisfied. Great service although we have that time difference between Germany and the US. I will move also other sites by using your templates. I have been a client of 1&1 which is more expensive than my new hosting service (SME) including the template. Big hosting services like Strato obviously cannot handle your templates as they seem not to use Zend Optimizer etc. and don't want to move. You are loosing a large market by this. I recommend you whenever I can. Keep on working hat way! 

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    Very professional, great communication.

    Thanks Nick!

    Stefan V.

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    Awesome job! Always on top of the situation. Thanks!

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    Anne Shirley Hee

    Excellent the moto CMS is working fine! Thank your for the fast responding time resolve the request.


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    Ron Smithburger

    Hi there:

    I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the folks at MotoCms.

    I especially would like to thank Dennis McMurphy for the help he has given me on all of my requests.

    I am very energized about the road ahead.

    The Moto team has just the kind of innovative thinking I need to push my projects to the next level.


    Ron S

    Creative Ron

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    Everyone that I have come in contact with for support has been very helpful. I have received assistance on every question or problem that I run into. Thanks guys...I appreciate knowing that I can count on you when I need to. 

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    Markus Wermelinger

    The Support to solve our change request  was very good, quick and we are very happy with the result.

    A special a thanks goes to Dennis McMurphy.


    Markus W

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    Ermal Hamzaj

    Really great job guys. 100% satisfaction!

    Thanks To Zoe Kolod for his help. 

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    Thanks for all your support and your great customer service response. I will surely advise all my friends to buy your products.

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    Wyatt Earp

    Thanks CMS Moto team for your help and insight.  Also, thanks Dennis McMurphy for your fast reply to my submissions.


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    Michael Hormick

    You guys have ALL the answers. Thanks !!

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    Very prompt service and helpful.  Thanks for standing behind your product in a timely manner.  

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    Thanks to Dennis McMurphy and the CMS team for fantastic customer service.  They really do go above and beyond in providing customer service.  Can't recommend Moto highly enough.



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    Carlos Yaque

    Very good service and very fast to solve the problem.

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    Thank you Mathew,

    Once again you have come through trumps and made a difficult problem easy. You deserve a raise. I am not sure you will get one but you deserve it!



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    George Turoff

    Having been a customer of MotoCMS since their beginning, I have never had an issue with their support.  As with anything this complicated under the hood, sometimes it takes a little longer than 24 hours to answer a question.  The entire team at MotoCMS deserves a lot of praise for their hard work and dedication. After reading all of the comments here, it seems that most agree.

    I'd like to personally thank Dennis McMurphy and Zoe for their recent help in compiling and sending me new files for my templates to accommodate PHP 5.3. Zoe first and Dennis who sent the files on a weekend which I did not expect.  Thanks guys for the great service you have provided.


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    I would like to thank Dennis McMurphy, Nick Bergman, and many others at the customer support team for their outstanding help and support. I am very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend this to many others.

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    I would like to thank Dennis McMurphy, Nick Bergman, and many others at the customer support team for their outstanding help and support. I am very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend this to many others. (Roland)

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    Fast assistants and simply amazing service. Couldn't he happier. Thankyou for resolving everything