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    I Mancia

    Excellent support from this guys!! I deal with lots of providers, and believe me... these guys go straight to the solution (time saving)!

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    Horst Nilgen

    Best and fastest support i ever had, amazing!! Horst from Germany

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    Sian Billson

    Your guys are tip top! always very helpful especially as I am a total novice, they always take the  time to help!

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    I bought a motocms template few months ago. The guys helped me to setup everything.

    And now after some months the support helped me again within no time :-)

    I can recommend this service! Top!

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards from Germany

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    Thank you very much Dennis McMurphy for your willingness to help. Without your help I would not have gotten started my website. Thanks to the support department and especially to you.

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    Marcel Vossen
    • Thanks very much Dennis McMurphy for your quick support with the updating of the templatefiles to the PHP 5.3 version. It worked immediately after that!  
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    Sean Hewicker

    Very great support. Fast and efficient.  I will recommend this company to everyone

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    Bruno W Wojnicz

    Terrific Support!  All queries were promptly answered with the necessary fixes to get my page working . And great looking webpages!  Thanks again for all your help.

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    I had Bruce handling a support case I had raised. Absolutely brilliant, no fuss, solved my issue with ease and great correspondence. It was a pleasure dealing with him! Give the man a raise, because good support is hard to find!

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    Olivier Frascone

    Hi all,

    I work with FlashMotoCMS since 2010 now.

    My customer are very happy with this solution.

    I save lot of time to provide to my customers a so userfriendly solution.

    Thank you to Dennis McMurphy to take the time to answer all my questions.



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    MOTO CMS support is extremely good! fast and efficient! excellent! *****

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    Very good support! quick and helpful!

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    Mindaugas Liutkus



    the support of Moto Cms team is GREAT!

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    Ron Smithburger

    Always a pleasure to work with the folks at Moto CMS.  Very quick turn around on any issues.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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    Helped me a lot, efficiently and fast!

    Thank you very much Bruce and Staff...


    Fabiano Shark

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    Francisco Gaspar

    I couldn't be more satisfied with the product, the help and the results.

    Thank you Bruce Miller. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

    Francisco Gaspar

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    Thank you very much for your efficacity ! The website is ok, the service is perfect to utilis and help the people.<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

    Sincerely yours

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    Claudio Di Battista

    Thank you very much Moto CMS team and especially the assistant Dennis McMurphy for the professionalism and courtesy and speed especially in assistance, really happy to be your customer.

    Best Regards

    Claudio D.B.

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    I'm very satisfied with product and help from Dennis McMurphy. Thanks... 

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    Great and kind customer service . I recommend this team!

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    Iman K Zand

    These guys do great work. Best investment I have ever made was working with this company.


    Thank you

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    Erin Williams

    Nick Bergman is patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. Excellent support!

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    Michael Baksa

    Thank you for being so helpful. You guys always have the solution, it's amazing.  Michael Baksa

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    Michael Hormick

    My experience....   good response time - even on the weekend. No complaints here!  They talk at my level from the silliest of questions (which I find out later from their explanations) to complex programming code...  They explain or even provide a video tutorial.  I am very happy.

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    Anthony Wong

    Very BAD service. No reply at all after sending them a request

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    Hello Anthony,

    Your comment is a bit confusing, especially in regards to the response time in your tickets with us. You recieved an answer from our team within 2 hours while the promised response time is 24 hours. 

    Best regards,

    Eric Curtis

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    Horst Nilgen

    After having installed motocms twice i can say that the product and the support (no matter who was answering to my stupid questions) are really outstanding.

    To me this is the future of creating websites. Much faster and easier than any other solution and (this was really surprising to me): really many possibilties.


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    Thanks a lot to you,Dennis McMurphy!  We are really impressed by your high efficient service. We shall go on buying Moto CMS products and look forward to a cooperation with  McMurphy.

    Wei Liming

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    Chris Hay

    So far I am extremely impressed with FlashMotoCMS. I've never used a content management system that is as user friendly as this. Also, I thought I'd mention that the customer service is quick to respond, friendly, and accurate with solutions to any question I've had.

    Dennis McMurphy @motocms, thank you for the excellent help you've provided.

    Best Regards,


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    Alex Yurina

    I am very satisfied with both the website template that we purchased as well as the terrific support. They have saved my neck twice already.