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    Patrick Yapo

    Great support...Thank you

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    Daniel jenadeau

    Very good support from everybody here. I've been asking them many questions over the last 6 months and they have always been there to help.


    Thank guys!



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    Catalina TG

    Excellent service! Very proactive, helpful and patient. Highly recommended and I will purchase from Moto again.


    Many thanks



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    Hi I am Thomas. Really I am appreciate CMS guide customer care people. They installed my template so many times when I got the problem in my server.

    They voluntarily installed the template when I got my server problem. Its working so good. Thanks for the cms guide people. 

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    Awesome service! It's not my first template that I buy from MotoCMS, and each time you guys amaze me how fast the templates are being installed... The templates also great, wish you could solve that Android problem...

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    Landry BRETIN


    I am French and I would like to share my total satisfaction of the amazing support team !

    They were really fast, and effective teacher to help me with a query that was beyond me.

    Really a big thank you to you and especially to Bruce Miller, my main contact.

    Good luck to you.


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    Megan Darrah

    As usual fast, friendly and good at what they do!

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    Housam Yousef Okeh

    every thing is perfect, fast reply and very very friendly, am in love with MOTO CMS <3

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    Alex K. was great! I am very pleased with the customer service and the skill level at MOTO CMS. I was building my first site and thought it would be very time consuming and complicated, but to the contrary,  I got all the help I needed and without a waste of either party's time or effort. "Mr. Smooth &  Saavy"  that's Alex K. Will buy from again!

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    Fahim Khairy

    I would really need a CMS costumer to train and help me edit my tamplate. Please email me at fahim.khairy (at) I am running this site as a volunter for a female human rights advovate who is based in Afghanistan.

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    Kamil Galant

    The best customer service I've ever seen. Nothing less nothing more... Thanks

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    Jermaine Starks

    Prompt support but databases is a highly important stuff so I excpect it to appear soon. Thank to Alex!

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    Alain Bandomo

    Received support and was up and running right away. Customer support was great!!

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    damir g martin

    I had a problem, contacted support and got my problem resolved right away. Not to mention it was a Sunday! Thank you for your continuous help great customer care and professionalism guys! 


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    Peter Vandenberg

    Support and response was fantastic and all time frames given where meet.   Custom work to template requested was done promptly and with complete satisfaction.

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    I bought many templates from motocms, I'm very satisfied with the product and the service. I Decreased my development time by 70% or more using this product. Continue the good work guys !!!

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    Rene Massier

    Awesome and perfect support. Dennis is my hero ;-) Thats the reason why I give my customers MOTOCMS. Thanks and greetings from Tyrol Austzri

    Rene Massier

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    Lior Gitelman

    The support is super fast and efficient! Thank you very much!!!! 

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    Aryan Soedamah

    Awesome support, really fast response-time and they solved the problem immediately 

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    James David Goldmark

    I have been very unsatisfied with the response time, service and support from MOTO CMS

    Asked for a simple tranfser of my site to a different domain and has turned into a three day nightmare that took 10 back and forth emails. Im still waiting to have service resolve the issue.


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    John Gray

    I have nothing but praise for the support staff, I have found them professional and to the point. I have had reason to submit a ticket a total of three times and each time I have submitted the request before going to bed at night and due to world time zones it has been fixed by lunch time the next day.

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    Eric Houston

    CMS support (Thank you Dennis & the team) was excellent in their response time and I am very pleased with the product and the customer service! Keep up the great work!

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    I do not normally write reviews, nor consider writing them when their is an expectation of quality and post-purchase support. I am breaking tradition and providing this review, because I am a very satisfied customer, having purchased four of the MOTOCMS templates over the past few years.

    I was a novice when I first started using my first MOTOCMS template, with a little knowledge gained from using both Joomla and Wordpress CMS before this. Since then, MOTOCMS as a platform, has enabled me to not only have complete autonomy over my web design and ideas, but it has also helped me to learn how to write and integrate html for myself. Basically, MOTOCMS has empowered me to gain knowledge over web development, whilst giving me the freedom to develop the websites I have wanted too. Having read some of the recommendations on here for the future development of the MOTOCMS framework, I have found these are already included or have been included since their suggestion was made.

    With regards to the post-purchase support, I have had several moments of stupidity, where I needed to contact the support team, or times where I needed to find out more. The support I received was always clear and professional. The support always surpassed my expectations, even with compliments made about my hard work at using the MOTOCMS framework and creativity implemented, which really was needed and appreciated at that time.

    After a year from the first ever purchase of a MOTOCMS template, I changed to a different host and bought a server. This meant that I was then using PHP 5.3 and the basic package I had purhcased no longer worked. My hosting provider did offer to rollback to 5.2 for me, but MOTOCMS replied to a support ticket quicker and installed the required files for me, whilst also sending me the files. I was very impressed at such a seemingly little thing: this inspired me to purchase and use both  flash and html templates for my current projects. I was able to update the newly purchased flash templates withoug haveing to submit another request.

    For me, the support is not only professional, friendly, and proactive, it is also equal to, if not better than the quality of their templates and admin framework.

    If you are looking for something that will give you the freedom and autonomy of web design, whilst providing excellent, user-friendly,  post-purchase support, I think MOTOCMS really is for you.

    Rather than do any shameless self promotion my own web projects for authenticity of my review, if you would like to contact me, my twitter handle is @raabob ( I will be more than happy to verify everything i have said here.

    Take care,


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    Thank you so much for helping me.. I really like the quick response of Julia. Thanks again

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    Angel Jesus Rojas Jimenez

    Your help is profectionally and fast. You are the best!

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    I found the turnaround to my support tickets, approx. 24hours and for the most part, I received the solution to my problem. Considering the functionality and price, I find this overall product excellent and will defintely use them again for other projects. The process of 'building' a website to launch as live was simple and seamless for me. - I used a moto cms template which made the creation of my site enjoyable and non-taxing! - I can only give this team praise, minor kinks in communication do not detract from my overall satisfaction. Thank you!

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    Geoffrey 89

    I was helped by Julie Moore. She uploaded everything to my domain and fixed the errors. Needless to say that I'm very pleased with the provided service.

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    Benjamin Köster

    Had a great help from Dennis McMurphy. Good Job. Easy smoth and fast! Excellent work. Thank you.

    Price is great, Service is great. Will for sure recommend you and use you again in the future!

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    Customer Support  Has stepped up their Game Tickets are answered Well before the 24 hr mark. I cant thank them enough , 

    Dennis and his Crew DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET IT DONE . 

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    Jan Holte Teller

    Just bought my third template from CMS. Just excellent templates to work with. I experienced a problem in the installing process but the great support team solved the problem within an hour and I was up an running - thanks from a very satisfied customer (-: