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How to add Google Map to HTML MotoCMS website

Due to recent Google API update Moto CMS Google map widget no longer works properly so you will need to add this map manually to your page. In order to add Google Map you will need to follow these steps.

1) First of all you will need to log in to your Google account and create your own map at page by clicking on "Create a new map" link.

2) On that page you will need to add "Title" and "Description" to your map. Then click on "Save" button.

3) In order to add a place marker you will need click the pin button  then click anywhere on the map, or search for the place, click the green pin on the map, then click Add to map.

4) Then you will be able to add a "Title" and "Description" to your location. Once location is created you will need to click on "Save" button. Learn more about how to customize your map.

5) To allow anyone to see your map, set your map's visibility to "Public on the web" from the sharing menu. Once you will finish you will need to click on "Done" and "Save" buttons.

6) Once changes is saved you will need open the map you want to embed.
In the left panel, click the map menu button  and Click Embed on my site.

7) In the box that appears, copy the HTML under "Embed on the web".

8) Next you will need to add "HTML widget" to your page and double click on it to start customizing it.

9) Select "Blank HTML" preset. Next you will need to paste the code you have copied before. Once this will be done you will also need to change the width and height settings of the code to 100% so it will look like following text width="100%" height="100%" and click on "Ok" button to save the changes. This will allow HTML widget to resize properly.

10) Now you have Google Map on your page!

Also you can watch video tutorial on how to customize your Google Map

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