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Widget: Advanced Slider

This widget allows you to create sliding video galleries or fill the Advanced Slider with slides, where the following content can be placed: Row, Text, Image, Button, Divider and Space.


To add a new slide press "Add" button.


You can edit your slide by pressing "Edit" button.


Various widgets can be placed into the area of the mentioned slide, meaning that you can create fully creative slides.


You can edit the background of your slide with the help of "Edit Background" button.


"Edit Background" popup allows you to change background color, image or set video items (.mp4 and .webm) to use video gallery. If both selected, .webm will be preferred by compatible web browsers.


If you use "Image" as the background of your slide, the following features will be available: "Image Size" (Original, Cover, Contain), "Image Tile" (Don't Repeat, Repeat, Repeat X, Repeat Y), "Position" to change the visible area of background image and "Fixed" if you wish to fixate your background image.

If you use "Video" as the background of your slide, "Loop" feature will appear instead of "Fixed" and video will play until you close the page or navigate to alternative pages.


"Vertical Alignment" feature allows you to set the type of content alignment within the row columns. Available variants depend on the maximum column height, which affects the alignment of all other objects within the "Row".


"Enable Slideshow" feature allows you to either enable or disable the Slideshow.


"Slide Duration" allows you to select the time when your gallery widget will switch slides (from 1 second up to 100 seconds).


If "Start Animation After Slide Switch" is enabled, animation will appear after a slide with its background has been loaded within the gallery. Otherwise, animation will appear simultaneously with the slide switching.


"Visible" feature can be enabled/disabled for your Slider's navigation arrows. You can also select on which devices they will appear.

"Slideshow Button" feature allows you to place a "Play" button in the bottom part of the slide to launch an automatic slideshow instead of selecting each slide manually.

"Arrows" feature allows you to enable navigation arrows on both left and right parts of the slide to make navigation easier.


"Pagination" feature can be enabled/disabled for your Slider's pagination via the "Visible" feature (navigation icons in the middle bottom part of your widget).

You can also show/hide numbers of the images via the "Show Numbers" feature and edit the preview feature of the pagination for various devices using the "Visible On" feature.



"Preset" feature allows you to change the visual look of Advanced Slider widget.


Presets are customizable at the Control Panel Design tab, in the Widgets section.


This widget belongs to the Advanced widget category. Check out the other widgets in this category at the following link: Advanced Image, Advanced Contact Form.


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