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Widget: Carousel Slider

This widget allows you to set up a carousel gallery with sliding images.


"Carousel Slider" is separated into two tabs: "Settings" and "Design".


"Carousel Slider" widget has the following features: "Slide Width", "Min Slides", "Max Slides", "Switch Slides", "Margin", "Enable Slideshow", "Slide Duration", "Show Arrows", "Show Pagination".

"Carousel Slider" widget also has the following common features: "Spacing", "Animation".


"Edit" - this feature provides with possibility to add/remove/edit image objects within the Carousel Slider widget.


If you wish to add new images - please click "Add Images" button and the system will redirect you to the Media Library, where you can choose necessary images. Click "Apply" button to confirm changes.


If you wish to edit/remove the image - you need simply place your mouse cursor over the thumbnail and choose the necessary option.


"Edit Image" option allows you to preview the title of your image, type text within the Caption section and use various redirect options of "Link To" feature, such as: "Go To Page", "Open URL", "Mail To", "Open in Lightbox", "Open File".

"Caption" field allows you to place text, choose its styles and also enable a redirect option via "Link" feature. It's almost the same CKEditor as used in Text widget.


You can also set "Alt Text" for SEO purposes.


Once you add images, you can automatically preview changes within the Admin Panel or on the live site.


"Slide Width" - this feature allows you to increase/decrease the width of all images within the Carousel slider (from 1 up to 999px).


"Min Slides" - this feature affects the amount of minimum visible images within the Carousel Slider (from 1 up to 30).


"Max Slides" - this feature affects the amount of maximum visible images within the Carousel Slider (from 1 up to 30).


"Switch Slides" - this feature changes the rotation of your images: "One by One" or "Group Slides".


"Margin" - this feature allows you to increase/decrease the distance between images within the Carousel Slider (from 0 up to 50px).


"Enable Slideshow" - this feature allows you to enable/disable slideshow option.


"Slide Duration" - this feature allows you to adjust the display time of images, during a slideshow (from 1 up to 10 seconds).


"Show Arrows" and "Show Pagination" features allow you to enable/disable these navigation buttons in the Carousel Slider.



This widget belongs to the Galleries' widget category. Check out more widgets of this category at the following link: Slider, Grid Gallery, Tile Gallery.

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