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Widget: Video Player

This widget provides the possibility to create and use a video player on your site's pages.


The following features can be used for this widget: "Video", "Autoplay". This widget supports .mp4 and .webm format.

Also, widget has the following common features: "Spacing".


The "Video" field allows you to add/remove a specific video item from your Media Library. For this, you need to click the Edit button (pencil icon), choose a necessary item from the Media Library and apply the results. You can use .mp4 and .webm type of videos.
!Important! The widget will show only one video depending on web browser compatibility - .webm will be preferred as considered as a more optimized and modern format. .mp4 will be shown if visitor's web browser doesn't support .webm format. 


You can also use the following settings:

"Mute" - the video will be muted (you can manually enable sound by clicking on the megaphone icon within the widget's area).

"Autoplay" - the video will automatically play once you've entered a page with Video Player.

!Important! Some web browsers restrict video autoplay unless the video is muted.

"Play inline" - this feature will allow you to play videos automatically in different browsers. For automatic playback, turn on the Mute and Inline property.

"Only When Visible" - Autoplay should run only when the widget is in the visible area of the screen.

"Show Download Button" - a special button to download the video will be shown in player.

"Show Picture in Picture Button" - video can be seen while scrolling through the site's page in a small window.


"Preview Image" - with this function, you can add an image to be displayed on the website before the video is played.



This widget belongs to the Media widget category. Check out the other widgets in this category at the following link: Video, Audio Player, SoundCloud.

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