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1 Year Positive SSL Certificate

This guide will help you to apply the SSL certificate you have purchased from our website.
Please note that any kind of SSL certificate requires dedicated IP address set up with your hosting provider!

We sell SSL certificate that is provided by our partner Comodo. As this setup procedure requires your personal information you need to perform this setup yourself. Here are the steps you need to take in order to receive your SSL certificate:

1. Once you purchase this offer you will get an email with a link that you need to use to start setup procedure.

2. Once new page opens you need to set up the settings described below:
- In "Order Type" you need to select whether you are installing a new SSL certificate or renewing an already existing one.
- In "Automated DV Authentication Options" setting you need to select the most convenient way of order confirmation for you. For example we have selected HTTP File-Based verification
- Information on how to get and add CSR will be described in next few steps
- In "Server Type" options you need to select server type you have (if you do not know it you can ask your hosting provider for this information but for most customers it will be Apache-ModSSL)
- last 2 options are optional so you can get them if you need

3. Once all settings except CSR field are filled in, we can start getting CSR from your hosting provider in order to proceed further. We will show you how to get it on example of our recommended hosting provider but if your hosting control panel is very different you can always contact your hosting provider asking them to provide you with CSR for your SSL certificate.
First step to get CSR from your hosting provider will be to open your AMP hosting control panel and click on "Simple CSR Request for 3-rd party SSL" button.

4. Once you are on a new page you need to click on "Request a CSR" button

5. On the next step you need to paste your domain name in the text field and click on "Continue" button

6. During next step you need to fill in all the fields with your personal information and click on "Continue" button.

7. Once we are on next step you can see your CSR. Right here you need to copy all text from highlighted text field but do not close this page yet.

8. Now when you have your CSR created paste it to the corresponding text field on the page where you set up your SSL certificate. Now you can click on "Continue" button

9. On the next step you need to fill in your personal information again in all empty text fields you can see. Once it is done you need to click on "Continue" button once again.

10. You will be redirected to the last step where depending on what verification you have selected you will see different instructions. As we have selected "HTTP File-Based" verification and we have uploaded the file specified to required folder. Once it is done you need to wait for phone or email verification and after it you will get an email with SSL certificate file.SSL_09.jpg

11. With this file you need to return to your hosting provider and attach it to your SSL certificate setup with them. Once you will click on "Submit" button your hosting will start SSL certificate installation procedure.

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