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Store Product Discounts

MotoCMS Store Product Discounts rules helps you to create advanced discounts for your products.

Offer discounts in percent or a fixed amount. Increase your sales by offering discounts based on categories, products, user roles or cart items.

Start selling more with the eStore plugin for MotoCMS templates.

Store Product Discount Codes - Add New

Store Product Discounts item allows you to set a discount for your products. To add a new discount please click the "Add New" button.

Store Product Discount Codes - Settings

"Add New Discount" allows you to select discount type, value, promo code, quantity, date and also apply discount to shipping price.

"Type" - method of setting a discount code.

Of the available By Percentage and By Fixed Price.

By Percentage will create a discount code that will discount a certain percentage of the cost.

By Fixed Price will create a discount code that will give a discount for a fixed amount regardless of the initial cost of the product.

"Value" - the number of percentages or units of a certain currency by which the initial cost will be reduced when applying the discount code.

"Promocode" - symbolic form of the discount code (numbers, letters, symbols)

"Quantity" - the number of times this discount code can be applied

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