Product Catalog

Product Catalog allows you to display products on your MotoCMS website, customize their properties, optimize multiple product variations and tags. 

Product Catalog overview

Product catalog submenu item contains all necessary information about your product: "Thumbnail", "Name", "SKU", "UPC", "Price", "Visibility" and "Quantity".
Product Catalog overview

"Search" field allows you to find necessary product. You can choose one search type: by "Name", by "SKU"or by "UPC".
Product Search within Product Catalog

Adding products to Product Catalog

In Product Catalog you have two options: adding an existing product or catalog and creating products from scratch.

"Import"/"Export" buttons allow you to export product from "CSV".
Export/Import Product within Product Catalog

You need to upload CSV file within the Media Library to import a product/product catalog of your own.

To create a new product in a catalog, click "Add New" button.
Adding New Products to Product Catalog

"Add New Product" block is separated into 7 tabs: "General", "Price", "Categories", "Images", "Dimension", "Variations" and "Properties".
Product Properties Tabs within Product Catalog

New product creation

"General" tab allows you to configure main product settings: "Product Name", "URI", "Price", "SKU", "UPC", "Brand" and "Label". Also you can hide/show product, using the "Visibility" feature.
Product's General Properties within Product Catalog

You can set "Short Description" and general "Description" for your product within the appropriate fields. Content within both fields can be customized (you can set various text styles, headings, links etc.).
Product's Description in Product Catalog

"SEO Settings" contains such fields as "Meta Keywords" and "Meta Description"which improve your product's SEO.
Product's SEO Settings in Product Catalog 

"Price" tab allows you to modify the following features: "Quantity", "Wholesale Price", "Tax Class", "Special Price" and "Tier Price".
Product's Price Properties in Product Catalog

"Quantity" feature allows you to set specific amount for your product.

"Wholesale Price" feature allows you to set discount price for your product.

"Tax Class" can be created within the Settings - "Taxes" section and it's bound to the "Tax Zone" directly. You can set % rate for each class and use as many tax classes as necessary.

"Special Price" feature allows you to set "special" price for products for a certain date range.

"Tier Price" feature allows you to set discount price for bulk purchases.

You can add new tier price using "Add New" button.
Adding Tier Price within Product Catalog

For example, your product's price is $100. If you set Quantity as 4 and price as $20 - overall price for 4 products will be $80.
Product's Tax Properties Product's Tier Price Properties within the Product Catalog

"Categories" tab within the Products - Catalog is a useful way to sort and organize your products.
Product's Tier Price Properties within Product Catalog

You can bound each product to the specific category - for this you need to put check marks within the necessary category/sub category. If you wish to edit the categories directly - you need to enter Products - Categories tab, where you can add new categories or edit/remove existing ones.
Prodcut Categories within Product Catalog

"Images" tab allows you to set necessary image for your product. For this you need to click "+" button within the "Image" section and choose necessary image in the Media Library.
Product Item Image within Product Catalog

If you wish to add additional images for the same product - click "Add Image" button and find additional images in the Media Library.
Add Image to Product Item within Product Catalog

"Dimension" tab allows you to set weight, length, width and depth for your product which can be used for shipping purposes.
Product Dismentions within Product Catalog 

"Variations" tab allows you to create/edit variants and options for each product. It can be size, color or any option which you would like to add for your product.
Product Variations within Product Catalog

You can add options/variants using "Edit Options"/"Add Variant" buttons. Amount of options/variants is unlimited.
Product Option Customizaion within Product Catalog

Please be informed that these buttons won't be active until you fill the following fields and save the changes in the General - "Product Settings" section:

"Options" section allows you to set various customizations for the products (it can be any custom option). To add new option please click "Add New" button.
You can separate "Values" of each "Option" by using Enter button or comma sign on your keyboard.
Product Option Creation within Product Catalog

"Add Variant" section allows you to create custom variant for your product. For each variant you can set "SKU", "Price", "Quantity and Image". Also it will display all options which are displayed for current product.
Product Variation Properties within Product Catalog

!The amount of options in the product depends on the amount of variants! If you have several options for your product - you need to create several variants in order to use required amount of options.

After that you need simply choose necessary image and save the changes.

If you choose different option in the drop-down list - changes will appear automatically (image, price and variants are affected by each option from the list).

"Properties" tab allows you to add various custom properties for the product or choose them from the drop down list via Name field.
Product Properties Tab within Product Catalog

First of all you need to enter Products - Properties tab and create property. Then you will be able to edit it for specific product.

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