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Store Orders

Store Orders menu item contains detailed information about all orders. And provides possibility to add new orders.
Store Orders menu

Store Orders - Overview

Click on the document icon under the Store Orders menu to edit "Order Status".
Store Orders Edit Status

"Add New" button allows you to create order for your customer.
Store Orders Add New

There are 4 main steps. First step is to find your customer. All customers presented within the "Customers" menu item. If you don't have a registered customer yet - you can skip this step (click "Next" button and proceed).
Store Orders Next Button

If customer is presented in the list - you need to specify either First Name, Last Name, Email or Phone details within the "Search Customer" field so system will automatically find your customer.

Press "Next" button to proceed.
Store Orders Search Customer

Now you need to find necessary product. You can specify either Product Name, it's "Stock Keeping Unit"(SKU) or "Universal Product Code" (UPC) within the "Search Product" field, so system will show list of similar products. Click on the product so system will add it to your order.
Store Orders Search Product

If you wish to buy several similar products - increase it's "Quantity". Price will appear in the "Subtotal" section.
Store Orders Quantity

If you wish to remove product - please click on the "Remove" button (trash icon) on the right side.
Store Orders Remove Product

Press "Next" button to proceed.
Store Orders Next Button

Fill required fields within the "Shipping Details" section and press "Next" button to proceed.
Store Orders Shipping Details

Within the "Summary" section you can check your customer's Billing and Shipping details, apply discount or promocode within the appropriate fields, choose payment method and leave comment for the current order.
Store Orders Summary

Store Orders - Additional Features

"Discount" and "Promocode" can be applied for current order within the appropriate fields.
Store Orders Discount Promocode

"Comment" feature allows you to leave comment, which is visible to your client.

"Staff" feature allows you to leave invisible comment, which can be seen by staff members only.
Store Orders Comment Staff

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